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Enabling efficiencies throughout enterprise logistics

Light Solutions for Enhanced Productivity

Rapid Deployment

Unlike more capital-intensive infrastructure projects, our solutions can be deployed in as little as six weeks, allowing you to quickly react to market conditions and demand that is far from predictable. With that kind of extensibility, you can make improvements to your process efficiencies and increase throughput that were not possible before.

Seasonal Demand

VCO Systems has designed a light solution that allows you to maximize distribution center space and resources, without creating infrastructure you don’t need throughout the rest of the year.

Flexible and Scalable

Highly flexible, and can be set up and dismantled on the fly to rapidly manage seasonal peaks and surges.  Battery-powered and WiFi-enabled, allowing for an array of mobile installations.  Supports multiple users simultaneously.

Integrated eCommerce Packing Optimization

VCO Systems light solutions are integrated with auto bagger and warehouse management systems for light directed batch picking and order sortation, to facilitate a rapid implementation and faster ROI.

Omni Channel Returns

Our mobile putwall cart allows one single automated solution to handle high volume eCommerce returns and store pullbacks at omni channel distribution centers. This solution reduces turnaround time to resell inventory. 

Mobile Retail Replenishment

VCO Systems light solutions provides consolidated light directed distribution of inventory for store replenishments. A combination of put carts and lights at the store locations can increase throughput, even without expensive conveyor systems.

Pick To Light

Accuracy and faster picking are keys in reducing order fulfillment times within the four walls. VCO Systems' pick to light allows multiple pickers to pick orders simultaneously to meet and exceed picking SLAs. 

Retail & Manufacturing Kitting

VCO offers light solutions to sort and pack components for disassembling or assembling a product. Our pick-to-light or put-to-light solutions provide a repeatable process to minimize sortation and picking times, and increase efficiency/accuracy. 

Light Solutions-as-a-Service

For those needing to go-to-market even faster, VCO Systems offers leasing options enabling you to deploy light solutions quickly. Without a long-term commitment, rental clients can avoid upfront costs, and pay only for the number of devices needed at any given time. 

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Professional Services to Optimize Your Supply Chain

Optimizing Omni-Channel Capabilities

The retail environment is constantly changing, and seamless integration across channels is no longer a luxury, but a necessity due to increasing customer expectations, demand, and competition. It’s not about individual channels such as brick-and-mortar, online and wholesale channels anymore. It’s about an organization providing the right product to end customers, across the various channels that share inventory.

Product Development

There is no One-Size-Fits-All

We specialize in developing supply chain applications that improve business operations, and integrate well with existing systems. Our business-focused approach ensures that any software fits well within our clients’ unique business processes offering full-cycle software delivery, bridging the gap with their internal process.


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