About VCO Systems

VCO Systems, the leader in flexible designed light solutions

VCO Systems was founded in 2013 by CEO Vikrant Angia, assembling a team with a combined decades of experience in supply chain services. With roots in consulting and product development, we deliver more than a light system solution, providing a partner to help you manage your supply chain effectively, optimizing performance even in an unpredictable retail environment.

Our in-depth supply chain experience provides you with a strategic partner in implementing and maintaining complex end-to-end supply chain solutions – from manufacturer/supplier integration, warehousing, transportation, labor, and everything in-between.

Our R&D and IT infrastructure teams are equipped with the latest technologies for providing development, support and integration to suit your implementation needs. We work collaboratively with you, and provide team-oriented project focuses, implementation services, and support methodologies.

Vikrant Angia



Vikrant loves the challenges of streamlining processes, increasing efficiencies and handling rapid changes in demand profiles across multiple channels using light directed technologies. His passion is to design and build products applying the latest technologies to fuel easier adoption and access in the supply chain space. Previously, he spent more than a decade consulting, developing, implementing and integrating supply chain solutions across multiple verticals.

Karthik Kothandaraman


Managing Partner

Karthik  has deep working experience and expertise working through the entire development lifecycle, and is adept at wearing different hats from functional design through technical design, development through stabilization, and release to PROD and post-production efforts. His years of experience in the supply chain space help him deliver solutions to bridge the requirements gap. He strongly believes that consulting and product development complement each other, and he brings the best of his consulting experience and product development innovation to VCO's clients.

Chris Widjaja


Managing Partner

Christianto has extensive experience in supply-chain implementation, execution and software development. He has over 16 years in automation with some of the largest global companies in retail, 3PL, eCommerce, wholesale and home improvement. His simplicity-first approach has been a key factor in solving modern omni channel challenges by providing easy to implement, flexible, and smart applications. He leverages his vision of what is coming in supply chain execution and processes with the latest technology stacks, to create the future generation of optimized supply chain solutions.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: To deliver the highest-quality supply chain services and solutions that enable superior, agile, and dynamic efficiencies throughout enterprise logistics.

By combining our complete understanding, technical knowledge and experience within the supply chain industry, we provide you the ability to leverage one strategic and trusted partner. We adapt to your specific objective and successfully design, develop and implement an effective supply chain solution with the latest and most fitting technology. Our supply chain team of experts works very closely with you in every project phase: analysis, solution selection and design, operational training, and end-to-end deployment and support.