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Light Systems for Enhanced Productivity

VCO provides light-directed solutions for multiple process flows including putwall, pick to light, put to light, pick/put carts etc. Built on a Java framework with REST-styled web services, our systems interact with devices using industry standard IoT protocols. This enables external systems to interact with our hardware as required. With a mobile component that runs on smartphones or tablets, our solutions are also deployable on both iOS and Android devices, with a desktop component for administration that can run on any Javascript-enabled browser. 

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What Sets Our Solution Apart?


Supports multiple users concurrently to boost productivity, and minimize hardware required.


WiFi-enabled for data mobility, and battery-powered for power mobility allowing for an array of installations.


Carts can be used for multiple process flows, can be put together to be used as a putwall, or split up and used as pick/put carts on the fly to rapidly manage seasonal peaks and surges.


Out of the box support for File, TCP/IP sockets, HTTP protocol with Flat, JSON, and XML formats to ease integration to any platform such as Warehouse Management Systems, ERPs, auto-baggers, and PandA systems.


Systems are built using REST architecture, and stateless calls translate to seamless scaling of VCO application to meet enterprise demand.


Internet of Things (IoT)  protocols are used by the application to communicate with light solutions hardware not only for process fulfillment, but also for setup, exception handling and self-monitoring.

A Light Solution for Every Need


Our Putwall system enables users to distribute inventory for orders into the cubbies of a putwall, typically for eCommerce fulfillment. Users can scan individual SKUs, are then light-directed to the proper location, with distribution completed by pressing a button on the cubby itself. When an order is fully distributed, the inventory is packed out, taken to a pack station or other bagging process for shipping. Inventory to be distributed at the putwall is batch-picked for multiple orders. Throughput can be increased by adding either additional putwalls, or users.

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Pick/Put Carts

Our Pick Cart system powers light-enabled distribution of inventory from locations on the pick cart, to destination cartons/locations. Alternatively, the system can also be used for picking inventory into the pick cart to fulfill orders. Multiple LPNs/cartons are grouped together into a pick/put cart, which is then used for picking/distribution, and the user has the ability to consolidate the picks/distribution to maximize efficiency. Since the pick/put cart is mobile, it is equipped with a battery, a WiFi-enabled controller (which talks to the application server), and a USB to power the mobile device running our software. The mobile device always displays relevant meta-data aiding the user to complete tasks effectively, and each pick cart is operated by a single user. Pick carts can also be used for batch processes to feed inventory to downstream putwalls for order sortation. Use of pick carts for batch picking can greatly increase the pick density, thereby increasing pick efficiencies.

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Our Put-to-Light system enables users to distribute inventory for orders/cartons in a retail environment. Users typically scan aggregates of inventory (totes, LPNs) that are batch-picked for distribution, and are then light-directed to distribution locations which display quantity as well as other meta-data for accurate distribution. Distribution locations can be zoned for operations, and can be re-zoned on the fly. Our PTL solution can also allow for multiple users, increasing throughput in a highly cost-efficient manner.


Our Pick-to-Light system enables users to pick inventory for orders typically in an eCommerce environment. Your team members typically scan the shipping carton and are light-directed to pick the inventory from various locations. The locations can then display the quantity as well as other meta-data for accurate fulfillment, as well as be zoned to size for operations, and/or re-zoned on the fly.

A Suite of Solutions With Flexibility In Mind

The solutions above can each be combined for increased productivity. For example, a pick cart solution for distributing inventory can be combined with a Put-to-Light solution so that both the source and destination locations are light-driven. The goal is to replace scans with light/button interaction for better throughput and accuracy.

Our solutions can also be used for other process flows like returns sortation, building pre-packs, etc. Most operations are light-directed for distribution, packing and processes like cubby cleanout, hardware tests, etc. to maximize accuracy and productivity.